International Paper Triennial – Viviane Fontaine

The 10thInternational Paper Triennial – Viviane Fontaine will be held from 26 April to 4 October 2020.

The jury of the 10th International Paper Triennial met in Charmey and carefully examined works of 379 artists. They selected 74 works for the competition exhibition.

A jury comprising museum curators, experts in the fields of graphic and applied arts, will select the prize-winning works on 19 April 2020. The prize-giving ceremony will be held on Saturday 25 April 2020.

For the duration of the exhibition the public will be invited to vote on their favourite exhibit. A ballot box will be provided in the museum for this purpose. The audience prize will be announced and presented to the winner at the exhibition’s closing ceremony on Sunday 4 October 2020.

International Paper Triennial - Viviane Fontaine

The International Paper Triennial, an exhibition competition co-founded by the Musée de Charmey and artist Viviane Fontaine in 1993, showcases the incredibly diverse landscape of contemporary paper art. Over the competition’s 25-year history, the Musée de Charmey has had the privilege of hosting and exhibiting close to 400 artists from 35 countries.

The Triennial is open to all artists who work with paper. In other words, artists who use paper to create works of art by transforming the material itself rather than using it solely as a support or vehicle, and for whom paper occupies a prominent place in their larger oeuvre.


Paper: a material that has existed for thousands of years and whose methods of production and composition have evolved over time and across civilisations. It is capable of assuming manifold identities; its uses are equally manifold – from art to small-scale production, right up to a mundane, everyday tool.

Paper originated in the ancient Orient and quickly spread to the West, where it replaced papyrus and parchment. It owes its status as an art form to Japan, a country that fully appreciated its unique character. Since then, countless artists have adopted this time-honoured tradition and know-how.

Paper art

Paper is the main and primary resource deployed by paper artists during the creative process. The paper art movement was born out of the thriving and effervescent arts scene of the 1970s. During this period, the focus was on reclamed paper, collages and découpage.

In 1986, the International Hand Paper Makers and Paper Artists (IAMPA) was established thanks to the efforts of Fred Siegenthaler, a paper engineer and artist from Basel, Switzerland.

Since then, paper art has become a firm fixture of the contemporary artistic landscape. Japanese paper, plant paper, rag paper, recycled paper, papier mâché, recovered paper, collage, découpage… Artists make use of a growing array of techniques to ensure that paper is a subject in its own right.


Triennale internationale du papier – 2011

63 artistes de 19 pays sélectionnés par le jury sur 550 oeuvres présentées (247 artistes de 29 pays) ont participé à l'exposition (8 mai au 2 octobre).

From May 8, 2011
to October 2, 2011
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