History and collection


The Musée de Charmey is housed in the former Platzhaus of Jaun. Built in the 17th century, the building survived the fire of 1711 that razed the village of Jaun to the ground. In 1982, it was dismantled and re-built on its current site.


The Musée de Charmey collections comprise donations by private patrons and artists, as well as its own acquisitions.

Its main collection is still objects with specific links to the region and the alpine economy. Other collections include “exhibition souvenirs”, a collection of paper art from past International Paper Triennials as well as items once housed in the Château de La Corbettaz. The Museum is also fortunate to have two photo collections and a painting collection which are by the Fonds de la Chesnais, the Fonds Charmey 1895 and the Fonds Buchs.